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My Pawpaw experience.

This is a throwback post. It was first written on the 16th of September, 2018.


As a young child, I didn’t like pawpaw, well there are so many edible things I still do not like (story for another day). Kenny(my twin) loves it though.

You remember the song-

Pawpaw is a kind of fruit, sweet like sugar, yellow like fanta, everybody likes pawpaw! Pawpaw!!

Nursery rhymes

This song was not meant for me!

Fast forward to when I got to the University. The fruit woman said I should add pawpaw to the fruits I buy that pawpaw is good, I should try it, it has benefits… blah blah (It’s not like I didn’t know that it has a lot of benefits, I just didn’t like it, just the way I don’t like meat)

I sha bought it one day, it was okay. I continued buying it until ONE DAY!! I bought a contaminated one(this fruit seller is actually a very neat woman, so, I don’t know how she handled the pawpaw that it got contaminated)

I started purging, during exams!!! It was bad, in one day I had visited the toilet about 11 times, nothing I ate stayed in, my tummy was as flat as a book cover(I am not even joking)
You know the worst part? Each of the purge came with a sharp stomach pain, that made me almost roll over on the ground and be crying. (This is not an exaggeration, trust me!)

I went to the clinic, got drugs, it didn’t work nothing. The next day I was weak!! You could practically use one finger to push me yet I was still purging. They tried to give me IV fluid so that I would regain strength a bit, nurse said she didn’t see vein😏.

I was writing exam the next day when my lecturer walked up to me (God bless you, Dr Faboyede) she asked what was wrong with me…. I explained to her, prior to that time, I didn’t know it was the pawpaw I ate that led to the whole mess because it wasn’t only pawpaw I ate that day but immediately I told her all that was happening + the pain with each purge.

She said “Did you eat pawpaw?” I told her I did, she said the pawpaw must have been contaminated and that the drugs would most likely not work, immediately, she sent someone to get me Pap(I was still writing exam o). After the paper, I took the Pap, raw(that was her instruction) and the purging ceased!
I was happy! I was eventually admitted at the clinic that day for IV fluid to regain strength, though.

After that, I said bye bye to pawpaw. I denuh kuku like you before, you cannot kill me

Yesterday my parents showed up with about 8 pawpaws… Immediately I saw it, I knew I wasn’t eating from that thing. Until night, when my dad sliced one of the pawpaws, gave mum, gave Kenny, I was already praying but boom, he just said “Taiwo gbà”.

I was holding pawpaw and I was scared(Lol). Immediately he left my side… I looked left, right and left again and get set, go! I ran to Kenny and said “please, swallow this thing”. She collected it and ate the thing.

This whole story taught me a lot, sincerely.

  1. If someone refuses completely to trust something or someone, please don’t just think they are being too rigid or extremely paranoid. You don’t know how much pain the thing or person has caused them.
  2. Learn to give a second chance, just be more careful (I eventually ate out of the pawpaw this afternoon but I made sure it was well washed, well cut, well’s just small I ate though, I was really being paranoid)
  3. Have a lecturer like mine, Dr Faboyede is amazing. 😍
  4. Be careful what you eat physically
  5. Be careful what you feed on spiritually.. Don’t take in things hook, line and sinker, it will cause a lot of havoc, you will just discover that you are purging all the good things out. Do not take in contaminated teachings.
  6. Pawpaw was not made for me😖

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  1. I cannot forget this whole thing 😂😂😂. I am not even begging you to like to eat meat, chicken and pawpaw and so on…..I will always be there to eat yours😉😉

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