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My Encounter With a Thief.

On Thursday, I was coming home from school. I needed to get myself well-treated before exams. By the way, nobody told me that my final year is going to be this stressful.

The stress is intense!!

It feels like there is so much to do within a limited time. Academics + Social life + Spiritual activities! It is really a lot. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and I start to cry.

I’ve been unable to reach out to people like I used to. My whatsapp has several messages that are yet to be replied. I’ve become a really good ghost reader on whatsapp groups.

I’m working on this. I’m trying because really, balance is necessary.

God has also been helping me to rest in Him. To cast my cares on Him and not over think. To let it sink in me that He’s in charge.

Back to my main story, I felt like I really just needed a break, I needed to unwind and just leave school. I was already thinking about that when I had this serious cough.

I still think that this cough connived with my thought of coming home and decided to hit me in an abnormal way.

This cough was so much that I would cough till I vomit. (You are shocked, right?)

I didn’t want to go to my school’s clinic, at first. (This is a story for another day. Maybe after I graduateđŸ˜‚)

However, I had to go when the cough made me the centre of attention everywhere I went. The syrup and other drugs refused to work.

I was getting really tired. So many sorrys here and there.

Did I mention that my voice was cracked? I was talking like a bullied frog(Lol)

Eventually, I took an exeat, packed my bag and left school.

When I got to Oshodi bus stop. Okay, before then, let me say this- I live in Oshodi. However, from Oshodi B/Stop, I always have to walk to Cappa B/Stop before taking a bike to my house.

So, when I got to Oshodi B/Stop, I started my walk to Cappa. I was super exhausted because of the journey + I had a crazy cough episode that led to vomiting on my way.

There was a guy behind me, I didn’t even notice him because the road was filled with people, obviously and then, I was super tired.

He kinda bumped into me, that was when I noticed him. I even apologized sef because I thought it was because I was walking really slowly that we had contact.(Waste of apology)

I didn’t know that this guy had opened my backpack and removed my purse. I mean, I had no idea!

What he didn’t know was that my twin was the lady behind him. (We were not wearing the same kind of clothes)

Immediately Kenny saw my purse with him, she shouted at him. “Hello oo, Mr thief!”

Okay, she didn’t say that. She just called his attention and ordered him to return the purse.

He returned the purse and ran, he crossed to the other side of the road, immediately.

I was shocked!

I didn’t even know what to say.

I put the bag in front of me for the remaining part of the walk.

Honestly, things could have happened differently.

  1. Kenny might not have noticed.
  2. After he was caught, he could have refused to return it.
  3. He could have harmed us.
  4. I could have lost my purse with its content.

It might look small because I could have bought another purse. I could have blocked my ATM cards through the app. I could have gotten new cards later from the bank. I could have gotten a new library pass.

However, I am truly grateful to God that He saved me from going through this stress.

Have you ever had an encounter with a thief? What was your experience like?

P.S- I’m fine now. The cough is gone.


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