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Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy.

My relationship with God.
This has to be one of the things that really make me happy. The fact that I see a clear difference between where I am coming from and where I am now is mindblowing.

I have not always been an amazing person(Yes, I am amazing💁🏽‍♀️ ). I used to be a girl who was always bitter about things. I had a really unhealthy self-esteem. I found solace in my boyfriends.
I sought happiness from things and persons that really had nothing to offer me but only wanted to take from me.

I remember how I was addicted to pornography and all those serenren
How I was always afraid of failure.
How I always needed validations to be sure I was doing good.
It’s a really long story but I’m grateful.

Grateful for how God has brought me from there to here.

Grateful that even though I don’t have all things figured out, I have a life that nothing can take from me.

In 2016, a friend, Ife Shoola, said something to me. She said “God would always place people who would help in your growth process, in your path”

This has happened over and over in my life.
No jokes.🤭

Till date, when I think of how I met some persons, it still doesn’t exactly make sense.
Meeting people at different seasons of my life when I exactly need them is something that baffles me.

How these people are intentional about my growth is even more baffling 😂

What of those who are not even exactly close to me but indirectly put out resources that are important to me.

To every one out there who nurtures me, directly or indirectly, I hail!🤭

My friends
I’m a big fan of friendships and relationships.

Forget the fact that I now hate WhatsApp and I don’t always reply messages😂
If you are my friend, you mean a lot to me.
If we’ve ever interacted, I love you and I’m grateful for you.

My friends mean a lot to me and I hate to hurt them.

4. My hair.

This one is very obvious😂😂
My hair makes me happy, honestly.
I am that person that just stands in front of a mirror, just to admire her hair.

I have beautiful hair

See the beauty

Cooking delicious meals.
This is the only house chore I enjoy doing.

I don’t like sweeping. OMG! I really don’t.🤦‍♀️ I can still enjoy doing the dishes if there are not so many things to wash. If you call me to wash plates after one party, I can ‘hate’ you😭😭
Cooking makes me happy.

It shows me how something beautiful can come out of teamwork. How the coming together of small things can lead to a mightily delicious meal.
I’m too deep abi?😂

Talking with someone I love.

Just having random conversations with someone I love makes me happy.

The fact that I know that where I was years ago, isn’t where I am now and that where I am now, isn’t where I will be next year is fascinating🥰

I read something I wrote about four years ago, recently and I was just grateful for growth.

Drinking Yoghurt.

If you don’t like yoghurt, I don’t know what you like oo😒

Just buy me yoghurt, I will do your will (This is not true😂😂)

Wearing the same attire with my twin.

I hated this thing when we were still young, ehn. Maybe because my mum used to force us to and I hate to be forced😂

Now, I love wearing the same clothes with her.
Proof that I didn’t come to this world alone.😂

My future

I’m happy about the future that I have.
It’s a future to look forward to.
I don’t have the details. I can’t pretend to. But then, God is leading me to a place. A place where I’ll look back from and be grateful.


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  1. Aww Taiwo. I really enjoyed reading this post. Your transparency was 👌🏿. Continue to flourish 😊✨. Yasss your hair is so lovely. Once you said twin, I was expecting to see Kehinde. Maybe one day in your post. Remain blessed 🙏🏿

    Liked by 1 person

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