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I’m back!

Hello, my dear friend.

I took a really long break from blogging. I had a lot on my plate plus I was being lazy at some point.

Anyway, I’m back!!!!
I know you missed meπŸ˜‚

I wrote my final exam as an undergraduate, last week and I have just been super grateful and excited!

Grateful that I’m at this point. Grateful that despite all that happened in my four years in school, I still made it to the end!

I’m excited at all the plans that God has in store for me. Excited that this phase is over.

I’ll be posting every week, henceforth.
This was meant to just be an I-am-back post but I want to share something important.

While I was away from my blog, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.
‘Why did I even start blogging?’
‘Should I just delete the whole thing?’

“Will I ever be consistent?”

I wrote some posts and deleted them because I felt like they didn’t make any sense.

Most often, when we face a little roadblock, we begin to wonder if we are on the right track. We begin to question our abilities. We begin to feel like we cannot execute our goals and plans.

I get. That is how I felt.
But that is why it is important to have your ‘why’. So that, when you begin to doubt yourself and if you should actually be doing what you are doing, you go back to your ‘why’

‘Why do I want to do this?’
‘Why do I need to do this?’

Trust me, reminding yourself of the purpose for which you started a thing, is enough to keep you going.
Remind yourself.
Meditate on it.
Let it sink in you.
And you will be fine.

Don’t ever allow doubt your abilities.
You can do it.
You’ve done it before. Nothing has changed. You can still do it.



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