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5 Growth Lessons I Learnt From My Hair

My hair is pretty long and healthy.

See the beaut!

Thinking about how the journey of

four years has been, I realised that there are actually a number of things I can learn about growth from my hair. These lessons can be applied to our lives.

  • If you feed right, you will grow well: I have realised that many people who complain about their hair growth either do too much or not enough. Not doing enough is quite explanatory. Let me tell you about people that do too much: they take in everything, both the good and bad, both the necessary and the unnecessary, it could lead to protein overload, hydral fatigue, and so on. Growth in our everyday lives requires us to feed right. We do not need to devour every single knowledge/information that comes our way. It’s important to know that not all things are good for you. Not all courses, not all programs. There is something called information overload. Feed right and you’ll experience growth. In your career, in your academics, in your spiritual life, in every aspect.

  • Growth does not happen overnight: When I started my hair in 2016, I remember how eager I was to see it grow. I would always check the mirror to do several length checks. It was funny. That is how it is with so many of us ‘Am I growing? Am I doing well? What else should I do?’ Really, you need to calm down. As long as you are doing the necessary things, growth is happening. I read some articles that I wrote just four years ago and I was amazed at how much I had grown. One day, you will look back and realise that you really have been growing. You’ll realise that you don’t act the way you did two years ago. You’ll realise how much confidence you’ve built over time. Growth is happening.
My hair in 2016

  • Having a structure is important: If you have natural hair enthusiasts around you, you’ve probably heard them say they have a regimen for their hair. Having a structure for your life is quite important for any growth process. It means you are consciously going through life. It helps you keep track. You get to be sure that you are doing the right things.
  • Consistency is compulsory: Doing the necessary for 5 days and resting for 5 months is not good for any growth process. I remember that when I started growing my hair in 2016, I was really serious about it. I was always moisturizing and doing the necessary. But then, after seeing how beautiful my hair turned out, I rested. I stopped doing the necessary things I used to do. It affected my hair for a while, honestly. Am I saying that resting is bad? No πŸ˜‚ In fact, sleep is very important. I am a huge fan of sleep. However, follow your already laid out structure, consistently. That way, you can get to sleep consistently tooπŸ˜‰
  • Comparison kills: You probably have heard this a million times. Lol. Well, this is something you must remember over and over. Your path is different from others’. It is. Face front! πŸ˜‚ Consistent comparison has a way of making anyone slip into the feeling of inadequacy. As long as you are doing the necessary, you are doing just fine. Of course, there is a positive side to this; you learning from others. That’s all it should be, though. Do not start crying about how your life is stagnant. You may just be comparing other people’s strengths to your weaknesses. You are doing well, fam! Anything that makes you lose your confidence and joy is not good for your growth.

Thanks for reading.
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