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Loving Those That Hurt You

Being hurt is really not an easy thing to go through. It’s hard.

I think it’s worse for people like me who even have physical pain from emotional hurt. I almost always struggle with a panic attack, chest pain, and all of that. One minute I’m breathing properly, the other minute I’m wondering what’s wrong. This only happens when I’ve been hurt by a close friend, anyway.

It’s not like this is some tag to wear proudly.

It’s just not easy to see those you’ve loved all along do something that hurts you deeply.

It’s also not easy to have to love those you barely even know even when they hurt you.

Of course, it is easy to love people who are lovable, people who are there for you, people who make you laugh, who give you things and all of that. People who are pleasant, generally.

It’s quite easy to love these kinds of people. Really, what’s there to not love about them?

Jesus knew this, that’s why He kept on mentioning the fact that we were to love, even when the other party is undeserving.

He mentioned that there was no difference between us and the publicans if we only love those who loved us.

Matthew 5: 44-46

One of my mentors, Idee, would always say that you are not different from an unbeliever if you cannot love even those who are undeserving of your love.

So, walking in love is never about the person you are showing it to or the action of a person. It is about you. It is about who you are.

We are born of love.
The residual of love, the dispenser of love, love Himself lives inside us!
You can love because you were/are loved by GOD.
HE loved you before you thought of HIM.

Those who are loved by God, let his love continually pour from you to one another, because God is love…

1 John 4:7 TPT

There are people out there that need to be shown the God-perspective of love.

Love is our nature as believers
So, we can love.

We do not have to constantly be all around them and all that, though. Especially when they are toxic people.
Praying for them and wanting the best for them is enough.

At all times, choose love.


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