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2020 was such a year for me!!

There were good and bad situations.
I cried so much this year.
A lot of things were confusing and I was really overwhelmed.

More than ever before, my convictions about God when it comes to answering prayers wavered.
This is me being sincere.

A lot of things happened towards the end of 2020 that made me start to wonder if God truly answers prayers.

I’m thankful that I was able to snap out of that phase.
Able to realize what the devil was trying to do.
I was able to think and reflect and just remember all that God has done for me from way back and even in this year.

This year, I successfully finished school and graduated with a First Class Honours.
This year, I started building my natural hair page on IG where I create content that help naturalistas grow and style their hair.
This year, my walk with God was strengthened.
This year, I experienced growth on all sides and learnt numerous lessons.
I also built new relationships with people.

It’s the end of the year.
And I choose gratitude
Grateful because even in the midst of all that happened this year, God was faithful.
I do not have all things figured out. But I am certain that I am loved. I am cared for. I am led. And all things are working out for my good. All things.

One of the major things I learnt this year is that things won’t always go the way we imagine. And one of the major things that helped me stay sane this year was writing to God.

I’m excited for 2021 anyway.
It’s going to be a year where I’ll be super intentional about my growth.

Talk to me.
How was 2020 for you?
What lessons did you learn?

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