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Being alone is one of the things we should consistently explore.

Many people tend to tie their ability to be alone to their temperament.

‘Oh, it’s not my nature to ever be alone’


I am not saying we should always be alone or we should never have friends.

I am saying that in the hustle and bustle of this world, we should always find time to enjoy our company.

Me, Myself and I.

It does have some negative effects if not well-explored, like depression. But Solitude in itself is not bad.

Four Advantages Of Solitude

1. You get to know yourself:

Many people know themselves from what their families and friends have told them. Tolu said you are pretty then you look in the mirror and say ‘It’s true ooo, I am actually pretty’. Lol.

It’s not bad to get compliments and agree with them. It is bad, however, to not know many things about yourself by yourself. You’ll live your life solely on people’s validations if you are like that.

Being alone helps you discover the things that you are actually interested in, the things that you hate to do, and so on.

2. It eliminates distraction:

Jesus had a busy schedule as a young man doing ministry. People were always looking for Him to pray for them or teach them or feed them or something.

Still, He needed to spend time with His father, you know what He always did? He would always go into a solitary place to spend time fellowshipping with God. He needed His space to conveniently do that.

Solitude helps you focus because you are away from anything that could distraction.

NOTE: If you are away from all the people in this world but you are with your phone, (on social media, especially), you are not in solitude.

3. It helps you process your thoughts:

Many times, we are with cluttered minds, and being busy with a lot of things does not help in decluttering.

We carry about different thoughts and emotions. Unprocessed.

We find ourselves worried or confused but we don’t even know where to start the analysis from.

Solitude helps you calm down and process your thoughts.

4. It helps you to be more creative and productive.

Pretty straightforward. Yeah?

Solitude helps you declutter your mind.

A decluttered mind is able to explore💯

Creativity and productivity would always come out of solitude(if you want).

Thanks for reading.

It’s nice to have you around.

If you know other advantages, please add to it in the comment section.


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