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Book Review: What a Year

What a year is a book of 13 writers. A book about the year, 2020.

Each of the writers wrote about their experiences in the different months of 2020.

There was a writer for January, another for February and so on.

It was an amazing book.
I got emotional at different intervals.
I laughed a bit too.

It’s amazing how you get a glimpse into the lives of people you don’t know and you can relate totally to their stories.

2020 was really a year for me.
Seeing how much it affected a lot of other people made me realize that in life, we are really not alone. The challenges we are going through now are not new, someone has gone through them, someone is probably going through them and someone else will still go through them.

This book also made me realize the importance of journaling.
It helps to keep track.
It helps you to have something to go back to.
It helps you to be thankful.

Also I realized, from this book, that in 2020 many of us forgot the many things God had done and was doing just because of the CHANGE that hit us unawares. Even in the midst of the storm, God was doing so much but we couldn’t see it.

Reading through these people’s experiences made me realize that one of the things that 2020 did for us all was to stretch us.
No other 2020-experience can throw us off balance. At most, we would be angry, we would be sad at whatever it is but it will never affect us as much as it affected us this year.

Because 2020 has stretched us all and kind of made us familiar with sudden CHANGE. We all now have an idea of how to handle things better when a storm like that hits us again.

Lastly, reading this book made me realize that a particular period can be different things to different people. Comparing yourself to another person will be a total disservice to yourself.

For some, 2020 was a year of opportunities.
For some, it was a year of confusion, setback, and depression.
For some, it was a mix of both.

But laslas, we all overcame.

It’s a book that you will enjoy reading.

You can get it for a thousand naira on this website


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