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Book Review: What a Year

What a year is a book of 13 writers. A book about the year, 2020. Each of the writers wrote about their experiences in the different months of 2020. There was a writer for January, another for February and so on. It was an amazing book. I got emotional at different intervals. I laughed a... Continue Reading →


Being alone is one of the things we should consistently explore. Many people tend to tie their ability to be alone to their temperament. 'Oh, it's not my nature to ever be alone' Lol. I am not saying we should always be alone or we should never have friends. I am saying that in the... Continue Reading →

God’s Ways

Hi there. Today, you are going to be listening to my voice. Not reading my words. Trust me, I am not starting a podcast. Today is just different. It's about 9 minutes long. Please, listen till the end. Also, leave me a comment and share with your friends. You are absolutely going to enjoy listening... Continue Reading →

My Useless Generator

Happy New Year, famm! I wish you a beautiful year. Today, I want to tell you a story. A real life story o. Enjoy! In my house, we've not had a generator in the last three years.I'll tell you why. Our former generator stopped working just before we left where we used to live. We... Continue Reading →

Loving Those That Hurt You

Being hurt is really not an easy thing to go through. It's hard. I think it's worse for people like me who even have physical pain from emotional hurt. I almost always struggle with a panic attack, chest pain, and all of that. One minute I'm breathing properly, the other minute I'm wondering what's wrong.... Continue Reading →

Sickness and My Dad’s Response.

Before and after that day, I have never felt that much pain. It was a sharp pain at my chest like I was being continuously stabbed with a knife. Plus, I was really weak! I could barely move on the bed, I couldn't speak. All I did was cry.

It’s Never That Deep.

Growing up, my family used to visit our grandfather (He is late now) when we had holidays. We used to spend about two weeks with him. As I think of him now, I remember how amazing the man was. He would always tell us stories and teach us life lessons when we erred. There was... Continue Reading →

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