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Sickness and My Dad’s Response.

Before and after that day, I have never felt that much pain. It was a sharp pain at my chest like I was being continuously stabbed with a knife. Plus, I was really weak! I could barely move on the bed, I couldn't speak. All I did was cry.

My Encounter With a Thief.

On Thursday, I was coming home from school. I needed to get myself well-treated before exams. By the way, nobody told me that my final year is going to be this stressful. The stress is intense!! It feels like there is so much to do within a limited time. Academics + Social life + Spiritual... Continue Reading →

God Is Intentional About Us.

This morning, something happened and I had gotten up from my bed, sad. It wasn't a bad thing or a terrible thing. I mean I didn't get a bad news. It was just something that hurt me, emotionally. I just turned to my bible and continued the particular book(of the bible) I had to read... Continue Reading →

My Pawpaw experience.

This is a throwback post. It was first written on the 16th of September, 2018. Enjoy! As a young child, I didn't like pawpaw, well there are so many edible things I still do not like (story for another day). Kenny(my twin) loves it though. You remember the song- Pawpaw is a kind of fruit,... Continue Reading →


Recently, I was going through my old write-ups and I was just thinking of how much I have grown. I couldn't believe I wrote some of those things. I couldn't believe the things that shaped my mindset, the things I thought were right. Most of these things were things we had been made to believe... Continue Reading →

It’s Never That Deep.

Growing up, my family used to visit our grandfather (He is late now) when we had holidays. We used to spend about two weeks with him. As I think of him now, I remember how amazing the man was. He would always tell us stories and teach us life lessons when we erred. There was... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I'm excited to begin this journey. I want to scream but then, I don't want my dad to think something is wrong. (Lolll) Writing is one of the ways I love to express myself. So, I'm glad to finally have my space. It feels like home. This is a faith and... Continue Reading →

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