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It’s Never That Deep.

Growing up, my family used to visit our grandfather (He is late now) when we had holidays. We used to spend about two weeks with him.

As I think of him now, I remember how amazing the man was. He would always tell us stories and teach us life lessons when we erred.

There was a day, he warned us not to lock the door of his shop while we were in it but as children that we were, that was exactly what we did.(LOL) After discovering that we were in trouble, we started crying and calling him.

“You people have locked the key inside. There’s nothing I can do.” He kept telling us.

We were so scared, we couldn’t even stop crying. It felt like we were in prison.
What we didn’t know was that he had the spare key. He just wanted us to know that it was wrong to disobey. We did learn our lesson.

This is not even my real story (inserts a laughing emoji)

So, there was a big mosque beside my grandpa’s house. They always gathered by 5am, every day. Someone would stand outside and be singing, reaching out to/waking others, I think. They had one very big speaker, so it was pretty loud.

I didn’t know what it was then, but every morning, immediately the person started,I would wake up and start running, I would be so scared and I’ld run to my parents and wake them.

“Daddy, Mummy, the mosque has started  crying again” I would be crying so hard. I was always so scared because it always felt like someone/something scary was coming for me. I would stay with my dad till I could sleep again. This happened every morning we spent at Grandpa’s house.

The first time I heard that sound from a mosque as a teenager. I laughed so hard at the memories it brought. Even as I write this, I’m laughing.

You may think this is weird but so many of us are scared of things that are not even real.

Life appears to you, a certain way and you just get so alarmed or apprehensive.

Calm down! It is most likely not that deep. It could be a mirage or an illusion or some sort of delusion.

If you are God’s, you don’t have the spirit of fear.

Always remind yourself this.

Don’t be swayed by seemingly troubling situations.

Be calm, it might just be a mosque.


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