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Recently, I was going through my old write-ups and I was just thinking of how much I have grown.

I couldn’t believe I wrote some of those things. I couldn’t believe the things that shaped my mindset, the things I thought were right.

Most of these things were things we had been made to believe were true right from childhood. Environment and several stories(more like rumours) had added immensely to my thought pattern.

Maybe you don’t get me yet, let me cite some examples:

I grew up believing that if you attend Winners Chapel(Living Faith Church), you were wasting your time because all you would ever be taught is how to make money (I laugh at this now because i can’t believe that I believed that)

So many other things. Imagine me thinking that water isn’t meant to touch a woman’s hair till her wash day.

I used to be so sure that once a woman had lipstick on her lips, her space in hell fire was secured.

The annoying part is how I held so dearly unto these things. I was ready to pass them on to anyone who cared to listen. I remember telling a girl who was pouring water on her twist how wrong she was for soaking her hair in water when she wasn’t washing it (Chai).

However, I grew up.

Unlearning is one of the most difficult process in life because people love being right. Nobody loves to be wrong.

No one ever takes a man who is saying something totally different from what they’ve been brought up to believe, serious. They would rather scoff at him.

“This guy is crazy” or “Sho mo age mi?” They would say.

Some people would easily get into an argument, about how right they are and how wrong the other person is.

The amusing part is that, these things that they believe so much to be true are not things they found out to be true on their own but things they were told were true.

Unlearning is an important part of your growth especially if you did not grow up learning the right things.

Three Steps To Unlearning

  1. Ask questions: You must first know if you are wrong. Ask questions. Ask God, Ask yourself, Ask knowleadgeable persons. Questions like “What do you think about this thing?” can go a long way.
  2. Be Open-Minded: So many people are so rigid that if they believe that facebook is a website meant only for fraud, even Mark Zuckerberg won’t be able to convince them, otherwise. This is the first problem of Unlearning. It appears to me as pride. Pride makes a man to despise corrections. You want to be the know-it-all person. Well, if you ever want to unlearn, you must be open-minded. you must admit that you can be wrong.
  3. Acquire Knowledge: God is the only ‘know-it-all’ being. No one knows everything there is to know. Seek knowledge. How to find knowledge?

(a) You must know that God is an amazing teacher (I’m not even kidding you) He teaches real good. The word of God is filled with answers.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119 vs 130.

(b) Read books: Read books!!!! Reading is important for any growth process. If you don’t like reading, still read (LOL). Even if, it is one book in a year. Just try. However, don’t just read anything that comes your way. Ask God, ask your mentors, read reviews before devouring a book.

(c) Listen to sermons/podcast: If you don’t like reading, you will sha like listening (Lol)

(d) Ask questions.

(e) Reduce your energy for argument: Most people would have learnt a lot of things, if they are not always ready for a debate or an argument. Calm down bros or sis. Listen. Just listen.

In 2020, be open to learning, unlearning and relearning.

It is crucial for your growth process.

I wish you a Wonderful 2020.

Be deliberate about your growth.

I love you all.


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  1. I like what you have written, and how you have shared your own experience with the wrong knowledge. The next year should include getting new knowledge massively, for serious-minded persons. Thank you for sharing.

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